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Katzcy can help your product take off! We understand the challenges of getting your IT or cybersecurity’s product out there. Our product launch specialists are skilled at every part of the product launch process to ensure your product is set up for success.

We offer the following product launch services:

  • Market Research: When developing and launching a product, you need to know which markets to target. We conduct extensive market research for your product and target audience to strive for max market permeation.
  • Segmentation: Once we have market research in place, we delve deeper and figure out how to best segment our marketing initiatives. We identify specific individuals or groups to target with your product and identify their buying triggers.
  • Features Specification: Our team works with you to shape or adjust your product’s features and characteristics to ensure viability and marketability when launched. We offer guidance for adjusting your product so it will be the best it can be.
  • Launch Strategy: A successful launch requires a clear, comprehensive plan! We will help you put together a launch strategy that determines your launch date, markets to target first, budget, secondary launch schedule and much more. This game plan will help keep your product on track.
  • Branding & Marketing: Product launching doesn’t stop at the development finish line. We assist with the branding and marketing of your product, including name creation, trademark or copyright obtainment, digital advertising, and much more. This is where we really get the word out and set your product up for success.

The Katzcy Process

Product launch can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t need to be with product launch specialists by your side. We walk you through every step of the product launch process, from your first idea through branding and marketing all the way through seeing your product hit the shelves. Our product launch strategy and schedule ensures your project stays on track and hits the market on time. We prepare your business to successfully launch your product and enjoy financial growth.

Launch Your Product Right With Katzcy

At Katzcy, we have all the necessary tools to ensure our clients earn marketing and financial success. Our product launch services are designed to provide our clients with a clear roadmap to product success. Named for the Cat’s Eye stone, we are passionate about helping our clients grow financially with our wide range of services. Our expertise of the cybersecurity and IT industry guide us with every project we complete and ensure that your business will see success.

Contact us today to bring your product to life.